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Formed out of the popular Strictly Smokin' Big Band; our in-house musicians are amongst the finest and most experienced commercial performers in the region.

Our bands have played hundreds of weddings and events, and between our musicians it numbers thousands!

From country houses, to art galleries to farmers fields - we've done the lot!

Becasue of our unique set up, you have ultimate flexibility to customise your band, select from our ready made groups, or 'Mix and Match' any band or custom ensemble for ultimate variety.

We cover the North East of England, and beyond, including Europe.

We can be regularly found in Newcastle, Northumberland, County Durham, Teeside, North Yorkshire and the surrounding areas.

The majority of our showreels are recorded on location at live events - in front of real audiences.

This means you can experience every band exactly as it will be at your event.

Strictly Smokin' is not an agency.  You are dealing with your musicians directly.  That means a more personalised service, no agency fees, better hire rates but just as much security with full contracts to guarantee your booking.

We always provide you with a totaly personal service.

Weather you're booking a duo for a small gathering, or an orchestra for your business event - you'll get the same care and service.

We have some of the best value deals on wedding and event music around.

This is in part because we don't charge agency fees... you're only paying for the musicians you book.  That's it.

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