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Please note that on acceptance of your invoice and booking, these Ts & Cs apply even if your formal contract has not been issued.

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T&C with regard to INVOICING

Parts of the information below regarding the acceptance of an invoice is also contained at the foot of your invoice. The full statement detailing the acceptance of an invoice is below.

Please note that accepting an invoice (including by null response to correspondence) will constitute as an initial contractual agreement, in the period before a formal contract is issued, of having booked the listed items. Therefore, any cancellation will incur payment of the full sum listed on your invoice. These terms may change on the signing of your formal contract which is tailored to your event.

T&C with regard to CONTRACTS

When signing your online contract, you are agreeing to the below terms and conditions, including those regarding to extra charges.

T&C with regard to PERSONNEL

Although we make every effort to provide the vocalists and musicians listed on our website and in video preview material , please be aware that other vocalists and musicians may be used as deputies without notice.

T&C with regard to SET TIMES

When booking any Strictly Smokin’ ensemble the default set times are two 45 minute sets – totalling 90 minutes of music. A minimum of 30 minutes break is taken between sets.

The number of sets, their length, and breaks between sets can be amended as part of the booking process.


Please note that set lists may change without notice and that song requests (other than first dances) may not be performed and/ or be substituted with other sutiable material.

T&C with regard to EXTRA CHARGES

Parts of the information below regarding extra charges is also contained on your contract. The full statement detailing the extra charges is below. Please be aware that extra charges will be incurred if the times outlined on page one are not adhered to. Any performance which is delayed by more than 30 minutes will be charged, per member of the booked ensembles, as follows:

10 – 30mins = £10 per musician
10 – 45mins = £15 per musician
10 – 60mins = £25 per musician
10– 120mins = £45 per musician
10 – 180mins = £55 per musician
10 – 240mins = £65 per musician
240mins+ = £100 per musician

You will be made aware of any extra charges at the time of the event. Payment is required through one of the options detailed in your invoice. Payment of extra charges must be made within 7 working days.


In the event that you wish to alter, remove or cancel entirely any part of this contract notice must be given by e-mail as soon as possible.

In the case of cancelation, payment as outlined below must be made within 10 days of confirming cancellation in writing:

Further details regarding cancellations in light of Covid-19 government restrictions can be found here: https://www.strictly-smokin.co.uk/covid-19/

Please note:

Please note that the total paid sum is divided between the number of intended musicians, each of whom take full responsibility for their own tax arrangements. Please also note that an ensemble’s disbandment will render this contract and all agreements within it obsolete.

In the incredibly unlikely event that the ensemble(s) outlined on your invoice or contract disband for any reason at any point before your event a full refund of any money paid will be made and no substitute will be provided.


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